Chicago China Wind Audio and Video Producing Centre - Services (中文版)

  • Record personal music CDs

  • Compose and arrange all kinds of music
          Commercials﹑Music Arrangement、Dancing Music﹑Chinese Folk Music、Symphony、Rock'n Roll

  • Shoot movies for various occasions
          Personal Documentary, Commercials, MTV, Parties, Birthdays, Wedding, 3D Electronic Photo Album, Picture Repair(remove damages/aging signs, decorate )...

  • Sound and image resources reprocess
          Make DVD﹑Convert VCR to VCD; Convert music tape to CD; Edit and refresh old recordings

  • Young musicians' development recordsmovies       With digital piano, grand piano, can play solo or accompaniment for children playing music instruments. Piano tuning.

  • Teach singing and piano playing

  • Party sound and lights equipments rental and services

  • Vocal training class open for new students

  • Registration for singers, actors and actresses. Provide performance opportunities.